My Story

My name is Sid, and I am here for you.  To help you heal, I have been looking for the most effective methods since 1996, and have an extensive network of referrals to help you achieve your goals...experts all in their fields.
In 1994 a herniated back disc took me out of commission and into the medical system. I had never had to deal with the medical system as an adult, and was quite surprised at the lack of answers and treatment options.
The doctors only offer was pain medication. They were not too pleased with me for refusing the meds and challenging them with the argument that they only mask the pain, and could allow me to do further and more serious damage while the pain was masked.
When the medical system told me (with a stern voice and the finger wave) that I was officially MMR (maximal medical recovery) and would never get better, I began my own healing journey.
Acupuncture got me out of pain in one session, and a talented therapist doing a new therapy called IMT (Integrative Manual Therapy) repaired the disc.
I was so curious about how this worked, I began taking courses, and have been on this path ever since.
When I was 16 I was quite ill, with a burst appendix, and died twice, and I believe this has attributed to my high degree of intuition, and empathic abilities, which I use to guide me during a typical treatment.
I have more than 45 post graduate certifications in various Integrative and alternative healing modalities which I use to help you become a better you.

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