Stories From Delighted Clients:

Although I first experienced Sid Frijter’s work years ago, I still find it difficult to explain. Sid seems to have an extensive understanding of the human body’s different systems - and more than that, a somewhat magical ability to pinpoint problems –yet what he does looks incredibly simple. Most of the time, he simply puts his hands on the body and waits, holding them there. He doesn’t knead or apply deep pressure to muscles (although he is a Registered Massage Therapist, and he can do that too).

What Sid does mostly is called IMT. IMT was developed by a woman named Sharon Giammatteo 22 years ago in response to her own health issues. As the name suggests, IMT is an integrated approach created with the combined knowledge of occupational therapists, allopathic and naturopathic doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors, speech pathologists and audiologists, massage therapists and psychologists. However, Sid brings to the system a talent which may not be teachable, or even a result of the considerable training he has in this approach. The other day I was in the kitchen, with another woman, when he came in and said “Someone has a really sore neck and a bad headache.” As it turned out, I had woken up that morning with a bad crick in the neck, and the other woman had a splitting headache. But neither of us had said a word about it to anyone.

Being able to recognize what’s wrong with a person – while certainly interesting – isn’t worth too much if you can’t fix it. In my experience, Sid is the fix-it man. That doesn’t mean, of course, that every person who enters his treatment room experiences miracles. But the last time I went to see him, for a painful sacrum, I could feel the whole area (and the pain) melt away after he held his hand under it for about ten minutes. Lying on my back before then had felt like lying on a sharp stone.


One client I talked to came to see Sid because she had a spine injury. She had been prescribed a back brace and told not to walk without a cane because one of her legs could fail to support her at any time. There is a degenerative bone disorder in her family and she is one of the few who hasn’t had surgery for it yet. After her first treatments with Sid, two years ago, she threw out her brace and her cane and hasn’t used them since. She says she was shocked the first time she met Sid because one of the first things he noticed was her broken toe. She had known her baby toe was broken, but her doctor had told her nothing could be done about it. Sid fixed it.


During the treatments, she felt “incredible” heat from Sid’s hands as well as hot and cold spots in her body. She felt a ‘pop’ in one treatment as space increased in a compressed disc in her spine. She also says she felt a mild discomfort at one point when her ovary – which was stuck to the wall of another organ- pulled away.


Sid says that he has been able to tell what is happening in other peoples’ bodies since before he can remember, but the ability became stronger when he was in his twenties. He doesn’t ‘see’ peoples’ ailments but rather feels them in his own body. His first reaction was to avoid being around lots of people, but he has now learned how to turn himself ‘off’ and, through IMT, to “use his power for good.”
N.G. Kincardine



I was very ill, emotionally and physically, and had given up hope, when a friend told me how Sid had helped her. We drove ten hours to come and see him. One session changed my life. He is very special and we all are grateful to have met him.

Brenda C.


Three years of weekly visits to assorted therapists for whiplash, and I was still in pain and had limited range of motion in my neck. One visit with Sid, and no pain, with most motion restored. One more visit and full range of motion was recovered...Wow!



Years of acid reflux issues were resolved in one visit. I was able to come off the meds (slowly) (Comment in brackets added),  and have not had a relapse since.

-this is a typical testimonial for this issue. Sid



After years of a tennis elbow issue driving me crazy. Sid “fixed' it in six minutes. No pain since and it has been a couple of years now.

Susan G.


It was September, and I was exhausted, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, but most of all physically. As a single mother of three, I gathered my girls together and explained to them that their mommy would be dead by Christmas.

Fourteen years of pain and suffering, eleven different doctors, no answers , no relief, and worse, no hope.

Then I heard about Sid, they couldn't even tell me what exactly he did, just that I must see him.

A friend paid for a session. He seemed unremarkable, listened carefully, did a few very light assessments, and put his hands on where it hurt the most.
An hour later I walked out, no pain for the first time in over a decade.I was stunned, could not believe it!
I was afraid to leave, he didn't rebook me. I asked if I should come back, and he said I could if I wanted to. What a change from all the others I had tried.
I got my life back! Since that time he has helped my parents, daughters, grand-child, friends and other family. As for me, we started working on mental and emotional issues and I keep getting better and better in all aspects of my life. B.A.M.


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