Your health is Important to both of us.
In the pursuit of becoming the best therapist possible, for you,
I am certified in all the below.

*Advanced Lymph for Pancreas and Heart
*Advanced Neural Tissue TensionTechniques
*Biologic Analogs for Circulation Mobilization
*Biologic Analogs for Neural Mobilization
*Biomechanic Regulators
*Body Talk
*Brain Stimulating Method -deJong
*Cardiac Habilitation
*Children and Diagnostics (IDPEDS)
*Cranial-Sacral Therapy
*Cranial Therapy Series 1through 8
*Diaphragm Compression Syndromes
*Foot: Form and Function
*Integrative Diagnostic Series 1-3
*Integrative Diagnostics: Low Back
*Integrative Diagnostics for Applied Phycho Synthesis
*Integrative Diagnostics :Multiple System Breakdown
*Integrative Manual Therapy (Low Back and Spine)
*Integrative Manual Therapy (Uro-genital)
*Joint Mobilization
*Lymphatic System (diagnostics and treatment w/IMT)
*Lymph System Immune Preference
*Manual Perceptions
*Mechanical Link
*Muscle Energy Technique
*Myofascial Mapping for Integrative Diagnostics
*Strain CounterStrain
*Visceral Manipulation

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